We want to help construction workers on-site while mitigating the risk for work-related injuries. Furthermore, CHIRON is a step towards performing construction tasks in places humans can not yet reach, for example in space. To achieve this goal, we want to develop a strong robotic arm equipped with autonomous capabilities.


Currently, there are many repetitive and boring tasks to be executed by hand on construction sites. Although being easy tasks they bear the risk of injuries for the worker. We wish to automate these tasks in order to give time back to the construction workers for more challenging work.

In recent years, living in space has become a trending topic in the field of space exploration. Many technologies required to achieve this goal have yet to be developed. This, for example, includes a robot to autonomously build a habitat for astronauts.

Our Project

We strive to develop a hydraulically actuated robotic arm which carries a set of interchangeable tools on its base. We envision the robot to be able to complete the process of cutting out ice-blocks and stacking them to build a wall on its own.

CHIRON will participate in IGLUNA, an international student challenge hosted by the Swiss Space Center in collaboration with the European space agency (ESA). Our goal is to showcase CHIRON's abilities at the field campaign during June 2019 in Zermatt.